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Landscaping Portfolio

Imagine yourself and your friends and family relaxing Kiwi-style, outside among the trees, birds and plants, tunes playing, a bit of backyard cricket… Or maybe a balcony lush with planter boxes and hanging vines, or an expansive space complete with fruit trees and little paradise pockets with seating to look back at your home. This is where we come in.

This is where we make it happen!

Olson Landscapes Portfolio Urban Garden Design

Personalise your suburban lifestyle, urban garden design and builds from small decks and balconies to extensive suburban landscaped gardens.

Olson Landscapes Portfolio Rural Garden Design

Well-designed rural landscapes maximise sprawling views and incorporate existing features to complement country gardens and orchards.

Olson Landscapes Portfolio Commercial Garden Design

Design, project manage and maintain sustainable commercial landscapes from schools to new and existing urban buildings.

Olson Landscapes Portfolio Custom Landscape Creations Furniture

Custom landscape features designed to your preferences, from built-in or stand-alone seating to metal artwork, entrance gates, and more.